"NADE" talismans (choice of necklace + 3 talismans)

"NADE" talismans (choice of necklace + 3 talismans)


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Cork necklace with silver metal beads and three runic terracotta talismans (to choose when ordering).
The 3 terracotta talismans are unique creations. On the back of each of them is inscribed a magic symbol. This one represents 2 linked runes that serve to achieve a specific goal. A fragment of energy stone set with a silver metal is embedded in it to amplify the properties of the talisman.

Consecration and charge of each Runic Talisman:
It is advisable to place your talisman in the dark to connect it to the higher power. To do this, place it in the small black velvet pouch, away from light, for 9 minutes. Then sit where you want, as long as it feels good, looks natural and looks respectful. Put your talisman in the palm of your hand, close your eyes and charge it with energy by meditating while blowing lightly on it (think about what you want it to bring you). Then attach it to the necklace using the carabiner clasp. Never forget all the sacredness that surrounds it.